How To Fix Lag Problem And Speed Up Android Phones [2021].



All phones, including Android phones and even Apple, slow down over time after many days of use. It can happen for many reasons, so you need to understand what the actual problem is. It can happen for the usage of too much space on your android phone’s Ram and Rom. And it also can happen for the use of some third party’s app. Whatever the reason is, we need to understand the problem and fix it. We all don’t love inconvenient and irritating slow smartphones. It is not necessary that this only happens in the budget phones-some high-end phones also slow down after several months of use.

So we will fix the lagging problem of android phones, but how-we will describe some reason and their solution to how you can solve the lag problem of your android phones and make it faster than ever.

Tips 1: Find the problem on your android phones.

At first, you need to identify what is the reason for your problem. The problem can occur for an app or the system and too much use of Rom and Ram space. Whatever the reason is, you need to identify the problem. But how?-right. You will find lots of apps on the internet to identify the problem on your android phones. But, we will recommend you to use “trepn profiler”-an app developed by Qualcomm.

The app will display the speed of the first four core as an overlay. And it will identify which apps use the most cellular and wifi data. 


Trepn profiler can monitor the frequencies and load of the CPU and GPU and network-related stats and activity.

So with trepn profiler, you can identify the problem quickly on your android phones. And you can solve the cause of your problem.

                                         Download trepn profiler by clicking here

Tips 2: Check your android phones for any system update.

If your android phones slow down over time, you need to check the system update on your phone. Software updates not just provide new features. The software update also comes with bug-fixes and performance enhancements. 


So download the update and install it, which can significantly speed up your android phones.

We recommend you always update your android phone system. We know that it will take some time-more data but don’t put it off forever.

Tips 3: Check storage & clear up your storage space.

Running low storage on your android phones can slow it down. All your files, videos, photos, and the app you have installed take space on your storage. And if your phone gets short of storage, your device will slow down. Android phones need some free storage of their RAM and ROM to perform better everyday tasks.

You can find what is taking your phone’s space by using your phone manager. In your phone manager, you can find the cached data, large unused files, videos, photos, and app, So you can uninstall the app which you don’t need and delete the files, photos, and videos.

If you don’t have the phone manager system for some reason, you can use Google’s Files Go application to manage your storage option. The app can identify the cached data and unused files and apps. So you can delete what you are not using.

If your android phones don’t clear enough cached data with the storage management system, you can do so manually. Many apps, such as a web browser, social media app, accumulate cache in the hundreds of megabytes or even gigabytes in some cases. You can manually clear that app cached and other things such as browsing history, bookmark, and all the things you need to clear.

Important!Don’t use a third party’s cleaner app.

Tips 4: Speed up Android phones by turning off the Windows Animation Scale or set it to .5x.

First, you need to understand what is the windows animation scale.

Windows Animation Scale controls animations when you scroll through a page, open a window, or switch between different screens. 

There are three types of windows animation scale in your android system-

  1. Window animation scale.
  2. Transition animation scale.
  3. Animator duration scale.

The speed of your android phone’s animation is control by the windows animation scale. 

If you set the animation scale to a lower value, you will experience faster animation on your android phone, and your phone will respond faster.

What does this animation scale do?

  • Window animation scale: It controls the speed of an app when you open or close that app. 
  • Transition animation scale: This scale handle the quickness when you switch between any apps on your android phone.
  • Animator duration scale: It controls all the small things like tapping menus and buttons, in-app animation.

To find this setting, you need to turn on the developer option first. Here how you can enable the developer option-

  • Go to setting on your phone.
  • Find the about section.
  • Under the about section, you will find the build number.
  • Tap on the build number continually until you do not get a message saying you are a developer.

Now you will get the developer option in the setting on your android phones

So, now you can change the animation scale value. See how to do that-

  • Go to setting and find the system.
  • Under the system bar, tap on the developer option.
  • Scroll down until you find the widows animation scale in the developer option.

Customize the value of these three scales, and you will see the change in your animation and your phone’s response speed.

Important!- we recommend you to set the value in .5x for a better experience on your phone speed. By turning it off completely, may cause bugs in some apps.

Tips 5: Don’t install a battery optimizer and third party’s cleaner app on your android phones.

We recommend you not to install a third party’s battery optimizer and cleaner app. Because when you use a third party’s app, it just does the same thing that your phone manager can do. Android phones can manage their RAM and storage on their own. This third party’s apps do nothing more than removing the app that is running in the background. And do nothing other than clears up your cached data.

Besides, if you need to remove a running background or clear up cached data, and optimize your battery, these apps take much time and consume more battery, which can slow down your android phones.

Sometimes, these apps contain some intrusive ads and even some malware, which can harm your device. You should be concerned about your privacy and the security of your phone when using such third-party applications. Because they always ask for extensive permissions, which is not so careful when you handle your data. 

If you, facing constant slow down and lagging problems on your android phones, you can manually remove the background processing and clear up the cached data.

Important!- To clear up cached data, and remove background processing, and manage the storage of your android phones, you can always really on Files by Google.

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Tips 6: Use a third party’s launcher.

The home launcher of android phones is too heavy, and you can’t customize too many things to make it light. Often the launcher can cause some slowness to budget android phones. So we recommend you to use third party-launcher that has been developed, with speed and efficiency in mind. This launcher used to be lightweight, and it allows you to customize individual settings and features to fit your specific needs.

We recommend you to use Microsoft launcher than trusting any other.

It is quicker and faster, and it also adds some useful features like the ability to continue on the PC, and higher performance mode, which disables visual effects.

For more info, you can visit the Microsoft website, and you can download the launcher. 

To download the launcher, click here.

Tips 7: Install Lite Versions of Applications on your android phones.

If you are using a budget android phone with limited storage capacity and a low amount of RAM, then we suggest you use the lite version of your social media app. Because the regular social media apps are heavy than its lite version, and it contains lots of features and consumes more storage on your android phones.

When some of these apps are updated, often come with new features and big size. And this can slow down your android phones. And even it can render the applications, to be incompatible with lower-end hardware. 

So we recommend you to use the lite version of your social media apps.

If we give you an example, Facebook is the perfect example of this.

The regular Facebook app sometimes causes slowness on a budget smartphone. But the Facebook lite app can run smoothly on budget Android phones.

Facebook lite app optimized for work on 2G connection and on a device with 1GB RAM. And it comes with just 1.6MB size. And it offers similar kind of features as the regular app do.

Check out the other lite version of the application, which can speed up your android phone performance.

Here are some extra tips to speed up your android phones-

  1. Restart your android phones.
  2. Close apps you’re not using.
  3. Remove Unused Apps.
  4. Clean up your home screen.

Some tips form the developer option of your android phones.

  1. Limit background process: Limit the background process of your android phones from the developer option. We recommend you to set the background process limit to 2 prosses.

  1. Force GPU rendering: If any apps seem to render graphics slower than the rest of the apps on your android phone, go to Developer Options and enable the ‘Force GPU rendering’ option.

  1. Enable 4x MSAA in OpenGL 2.0 games and apps: By turning it on, you can enjoy considerably better gaming visuals and smoother performance on your android phones. But it will consume more battery, so the choice is yours.

Above, we talked about how to speed up your android phones and avoid lagging. So we hope this will solve your problem and make your android phone faster than ever.


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